The State of PR Measurement 2021

How PR pros measured success in 2021, plus their plans and predictions for 2022

Measuring success is essential for all PR pros, but it’s not always easy. For measurement month this year, we zoomed in on PR metrics and surveyed 500+ PR professionals to find out which metrics mattered most to them in 2021, and how they’ll approach measurement and reporting in 2022. Here’s a sneak peek of our findings:

  • More PR pros will focus on social media in 2022: 60% will measure social shares and social engagement, with a 9% and a 12% increase in these areas respectively
  • 94% agree that placements were a top priority in 2021—and that will remain unchanged in 2022
  • 28% plan to report on consumer sentiment in 2022, a 10% increase over 2021
  • Many share PR updates and reporting with their executive team (47%), followed by marketing (39%), their entire company (31%), social media team (25%) and corporate comms (20%)

Download the report to see the full findings. You can also view the on-demand webinar panel discussion here.