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Employees 62
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Learn how Small Girls PR uses Muck Rack to:

  • Search and connect with top-tier media
  • Find highly-relevant news ahead of major events with Muck Rack Alerts
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest news, changes and happenings in the media world

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    About Small Girls PR

    Small Girls PR is a creatively-driven media relations, influencer and experiential agency championing a personal approach to public relations. We’ve never mass BCC’d, we don’t issue press releases and we’ve only used a wire once when we were forced to by pirates.

    Our clients range from Fortune 100s to challenger startups. We’ve handled mergers for GE, landed Outdoor Voices first magazine covers, launched and rolled out Hinge globally, and produced Sweetgreen’s infamous block party festivals. We’ve doubled in size year over year which makes this a good fit for entrepreneurial spirits and storytellers who believe PR is more than just press.

    In Their Own Words: Small Girls PR's Favorite Muck Rack Features

    Jacqui Headshot
    Jacqui Wimberly
    Former Account Supervisor
    Small Girls PR

    Muck Rack Daily

    A big part of my day to day at Small Girls PR is focused on pitching and media outreach, including developing story angles, networking with reporters and lots of writing, research and keeping up-to-date with the news.

    I initially found Muck Rack after subscribing to the Muck Rack Daily back in 2013. I found the Daily to be a useful tool to help me stay informed about trending news and the latest happenings in the media world. It’s so useful to see what journalists are talking about and tweeting about on a daily basis. You don’t have to constantly refresh your Twitter feed.

    The Daily gives me a summary of what stories are most important to journalists. It helps me be better informed about the industry. I love the Muck Rack Daily!

    It was my idea to bring Muck Rack to Small Girls PR. The platform isn’t your traditional media database; it’s forward thinking and seems to understand the latest culture in the journalism world.


    Muck Rack’s Search function has been especially useful when it comes to planning for media outreach around major events.

    As Small Girls PR prepared for CES this year, we searched “CES” and found tons of results with journalists who were tweeting about the event or who had written articles about it. We set up Muck Rack Alerts for CES to help us stay up-to-date on which journalists were attending, weren’t attending or were covering the event — and to make sure we steered clear of reporters who specifically tweeted that they did not want any CES-related pitches.

    This was a super helpful way to tailor our list so we knew who to pitch and who not to pitch. We recently used this same approach for South by Southwest!

    “Muck Rack helps you to be more creative by keeping you informed on the media landscape and giving you detailed information about each individual journalist.”

    — Jacqui Wimberly, Former Account Supervisor


    I love using Muck Rack Alerts to see if journalists are tweeting about our clients. It’s great to see in real time if a reporter mentions us or a client in a tweet or recent article.

    I find Muck Rack Alerts are generally a lot faster than Google Alerts — and of course, there’s the added bonus that Muck Rack is connected with Twitter, so we also see relevant results from reporters talking about our clients on social media.

    Muck Rack Alerts send tweets *only* from journalists and people producing content like bloggers, contributors and influencers, so it helps cut through the clutter and receive important information as it comes in.

    Five Fast Questions

    1. What would you tell other companies considering using Muck Rack?

    Definitely give Muck Rack a shot — there’s no reason not to try it!

    I find Muck Rack to be great for PR agencies specifically because we do so much media pitching. Through a combination of the Muck Rack Daily and Muck Rack’s search function, it’s easy to find the right reporters for media outreach. Muck Rack is especially awesome for personalizing pitching, which Small Girls PR is especially passionate about. Muck Rack makes it easy to find the right reporter for the story you want told and to customize your pitch to pique their interest.

    2. What would your job be like if you didn’t have Muck Rack?

    Ugh, it would be slower! It would take a lot longer and I would definitely miss having access to Muck Rack. I wouldn’t be able to be so quick and efficient and it would be much more time intensive to do the same kinds of searches I do now in MR.

    3. If you had to explain how you use Muck Rack to someone in a 140-character tweet or a 10-second Snapchat story, what would you say?

    “@MuckRack helps me find the right reporters to effectively tell my clients’ stories.”

    4. How would you describe your experience with Muck Rack in three words?

    Useful, efficient and informative.

    5. What has your experience been like working with Muck Rack’s customer success team?

    I like that you can chat with Muck Rack’s customer success team in real time; you can tell you’re talking to an actual person which is great. Honestly though, I haven’t had to contact Muck Rack very often because the system is so intuitive.