7 blueprints for the most effective types of media pitches

Building blocks for successful pitches (and how to write them)

    There’s a reason why some media pitches fall flat and others don’t.

    Successful pitches share many of the same key elements, or building blocks. Pitches that fall flat are usually missing one or more of them or they’re just in the wrong order.

    PR coach Michael Smart identified 7 media pitch blueprints based on the building blocks of successful pitches. They include:

    • Expert pitches
    • Product pitches
    • Announcement pitches 
    • Data pitches

    … and more. Plus, he’ll shares 10+ real-life pitch examples that landed placements in the likes of the WSJ, TODAY, and People, along with the key elements—or building blocks—that made these pitches so successful.

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Michael Smart

PR coach, Michael Smart PR