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A PR guide + recorded webinar about journalists’ biggest pet peeves

Do you know which of your PR pitches are most likely to wind up as the subject of ridicule on Twitter? 

We partnered with our friend, legendary PR coach Michael Smart, to categorize and crunch 560 gripe-tweets from journalists over the past three years. 

Get free access to: 

  1. A [legitimately] entertaining ebook analyzing journalists' top gripes with pitches (includes dozens of the most instructive - and most funny! - tweets from the study).
  2. A recorded webinar with Michael full of actionable tips and lessons from the study 

You’ll learn: 

  • The patterns and trends that are most frequently ridiculed by journalists, based on a painstaking analysis of 560 tweets
  • The words and phrases most commonly called out by journalists, and topics they are sick of hearing about (find out where pumpkin spice ranks!)
  • The good news - the topics you'd think that journalists would complain about that had surprisingly few tweets