7 Principles for Measuring and Evaluating PR in 2021

A webinar with AMEC

Did you know in addition to its beautiful beaches, Barcelona is also home to a set of globally recognized principles for measuring communications?

Enter the Barcelona Principles: a set of standards for measuring and evaluating the impact of public relations, originally formed at an AMEC Summit in 2010 to serve as an industry-consensus on measurement frameworks for PR professionals.

We're excited to partner with our friends at AMEC to discuss the latest evolution of the Barcelona Principles 3.0, and how to apply them to your PR plans in 2021. 

Access the recorded webinar for tips and considerations on: 

  • How should you set goals to measure your earned media effectively in 2021? 
  • What metrics are worth tracking and which metrics should you drop from your reporting ASAP?
  • Should you be measuring all channels at all times? 



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